Good dating manners

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Also make sure you bring a cake or a bottle of wine, coming over to someone's home empty handed may not be accepted well.

men in Ukraine always take off their gloves for a hands shake.

The even numbers of flowers are traditionally brought to the funerals and it's a very bad idea to give somebody a dozen of roses!

There is a common belief that yellow stand for separation, therefore stick with all the other colors except for the yellow!

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Feel free to tuck your napkin into your collar when eating spaghetti or another potentially messy meal.

People who come to Ukraine for the first time notice that people (especially women) pay great attention to the way they look.

Normally your date would spend at least couple of hours getting prepared to your meeting, so make sure you are wearing clean and well ironed clothes.

When you’re taking a break, rest your fork and knife entirely on the plate.

When you’re finished, place them diagonally on the plate, side by side, with the handles at four o’clock.

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