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Tiffany also is a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community and makes it clear, “I have such a connection with my gay fans.I love them so much because they understand what it is to be misunderstood.” The Ex hasn’t an announced a network or air date but New York needs to be back on our TV screens, stat!That certainly wasn’t the case a year later, when Fox premiered could garner similar success. The series is only about gay men—and underrepresented as it’s been on dating shows, that demographic has still been far more visible on reality TV than any other facet of the L. Boy Meets Boy is an American reality television show in which a gay man met and chose a mate from a group of 15 potential male suitors.As icky as that might sound, in a perverse way, you have to give the show credit. At least it foregrounded a gay man trying to find love, instead of using gay men as humorous accessories—or potential roadblocks in the path of straight contestants.

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If James' final choice from among the mates was gay, James and the mate would win a cash prize and a trip for two to New Zealand provided by Alyson Adventures of Key West, Florida, which specializes in gay and lesbian small group tours throughout the world.

James and Andra spend time with the group at a luau, and James spends some time individually with several of the mates.

Later that night, James made his first round of three eliminations.

He’s looking for someone honest and career-oriented – with the possibility of marriage and kids.

Professional reality person Tiffany Pollard is back on your motherf–king TV!

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