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We hope you enjoy our back-and-forth and get excited for all the books coming your way!

Santino: One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of Megan’s books is that there’s a thread of techiness in several of her series — Gamers, Cyberlove and the upcoming Wired & Dangerous series. Was that an organic theme or did you plan to include it in your work?

The thing about co-writing is that, in my opinion, we’re creating a third writer.Before that, I didn’t grow up with tech, but as soon as I sat down at our computer, I was hooked.Cue the World Wide Web in the early ’90s and it was a whole new world, literally. Because I grew up when the Web was growing itself, I’ve always felt an interest in it, and I’m fascinated at the generations who now are given that type of technology at birth. But anyway, including all of this in my books is ingrained in me, I guess.Us writing together, how we plot the romance, how our characters are formed, is neither me, nor him, but a whole new type of author.That might sound pretentious, but that’s now I feel, haha. But I’ll add that the process is definitely easier.

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