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[From: From: Alex Johnson, "At the comics shop, religion goes graphic: Judeo-Christian themes woven into comic books you might not expect", published on, 25 April 2006 ( viewed ); re-posted by Worldwide Religious News (

idd=21302; viewed ): , 19 June 2006 issue (posted online on 12 June 2006: simultaneously posted on Belief under headline "Holy Superheroes": viewed 14 June 2006): ...

It is reasonable to assume that, as with other people, Batman's precise beliefs, spirituality and relationship to God vary over the years, and sometimes shift depending on his experiences.Right: The headstone of Bruce Wayne (Batman): a Christian cross.This type of cross, with its flared rounded ends, is known as a "cross bottony." The cross bottony appears on the flag of Maryland.Catwoman's headstone, as depicted here, is Given the wealth of support for both major theories about Batman's religious background (Catholic and Episcopalian), it seems most likely that both are correct, and that Bruce Wayne's father (the source of Batman's surname, English heritage, wealth and social standing) was an Episcopalian, while his mother (the key source of Bruce's early religious upbringing and ingrained religious feelings) was a Catholic.Bruce Wayne's ancestry or ethnic heritage is touched upon in a few sources, including the graphic novel .

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