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It is measurable because a teacher can take data on this goal and track his progress.

It is achievable because it will challenge Bobby to read at the third-grade level, but this goal is not impossible as he is currently in second grade.

Writing SMART goals helps educational teams support the learning of students.

Remember, goals for students should be specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound.

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SMART is an acronym that helps individuals write meaningful and measurable goals.

The letters of the acronym stand for specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound.

It is specific because it identifies the exact skill Bobby should be working on, much more so than simply stating that he will improve his comprehension skills.

It is results-focused because it measures an intended outcome, and it is time-bound because it identifies a specific date for completion.

Here are a few other examples to help you apply the SMART goal components. SMART goal: Melissa will be able to write a 5-sentence paragraph that includes a topic sentence, three supporting details, and a concluding sentence with fewer than four spelling or grammatical errors in three out of four writing prompts each week for three consecutive weeks by May 15, 2015. SMART goal: Abby will be able to solve five single-step math word problems written at the fourth grade level that include the operations of multiplication and division with 100% accuracy in six consecutive trials by January 20, 2015.

After the holidays last year, I made a goal for myself to lose weight by the spring season.

When the calendar turned to May, I asked myself if I met my goal, and I honestly could not give a definitive answer because I had not made a SMART goal.

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