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However, owing to the fact this is not run by the AEC and is instead run by the ABS it is officially known as the ‘Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.’ Other interchangeable terms I’ve seen are ‘postal plebiscite’, ‘postal vote’ and ‘same-sex marriage vote’ and ‘same-sex marriage postal survey’.

Provided you get your forms on September 12, you have 48 days to answer and post your vote back before October 27.However, for the vast majority, there will be no polling stations and no democracy sausages. I hadn't for a long time before the survey arrived!In your mailbox you will receive both a survey form and a reply-paid envelope, which means that you do not have to purchase stamps to be able to post it – you just need to put your completed survey form in the envelope, seal it and drop it in an Australia Post box.It is compulsory for every Australian to vote in a referendum and the Government is bound by the result.As the are not part of the constitution, a referendum will not take place.

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