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Once a criminal case is formally filed, the prosecutor normally makes the primary decision about whether or not a case will be dismissed.The defense attorney, alleged victim, or judge may seek to influence the decision, but it is ultimately the prosecutor that decides on dismissal.

As the trial date approaches and the prosecutor learns more about the case from their own in-house investigation, they often come around to seeing things my way and decide to dismiss the case.Return to Dismissal FAQS An effective criminal defense attorney will investigate and attempt to discover factors that may persuade the prosecution to dismiss the case.The specific facts of a case may undermine the state’s evidence or they may make the defendant’s position seem more sympathetic and deserving of another chance.Claybrooks alleges that at his casting call for the show he was interviewed for less time than white applicants, rushed through the process, and therefore not given the same opportunity as the white applicants.The production company says it has had "various participants of color throughout the series' history, and the producers have been consistently -- and publicly -- vocal about seeking diverse candidates for both programs.

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