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Or perhaps you’re the lucky recipient of her anger.A wonderful boundary to set in regard to email is setting up a rule.

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Is she making decisions that put her child in immediate danger?On most email servers, you can set a rule that says, “If from ___ then send to ___.” That way, her email goes directly into a designated folder for later use in court or the trash—whichever you see fit. Either way, it saves you from being harassed or affected by her negative words. I don’t know why we stepmoms feel the need to have our hand in everything, but the smartest and sanest thing you can do is let your husband be the one to communicate with her.This might seem harsh, and you might feel guilty because he’d rather not talk to her either, but it was his decision to marry her, or at least procreate with her, so she’s his to deal with.© 2011 Jenna Korf All Rights Reserved I can help you resolve your stepfamily issues. , which involves a panel of doctors discussing health issues and answering questions from the audience. However, he decided not to propose to her on the show, putting the ring on a necklace. Brown attained her medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and she works at the Rock Creek Medical Office.

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