Dating with russian and ukrainian lang ru

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If you have experience in a language not listed below, please add some notes about it.Most non-english language will need to input special characters very often. This can be done by configuring input encoding properly.We will not tackle this issue here: see the Special Characters chapter.TAU2 helps to optimize your search and find precisely that kind of a person whom you're looking for.

The following configuration is optimal for many languages (most latin languages).

TAU2 strives to facilitate to the maximum the communication process for its participants and — within the limits of the possible — not to restrict it.

Each and every member of TAU2 is provided with personal email address, that's why sending and receiving letters can be effected not only through the special page on the website but through your usual mail client directly.

Besides that sending and receiving virtual Ecards or letters of relatively small size is free of charge, too.

To send a letter of a relatively large size or a letter which requires translation from one language to another, making phone calls, exchanging personal contact information between participants - these are fee-paying services.

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