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In 2004, for example, Blue Crush was featured in a U. Department of Commerce marketing campaign to lure British travelers to America.Hawaii's contribution to the campaign, seen on the walls of the London underground and on street billboards, was an image from Blue Crush of a surfer catching a wave.As the top 2001 top beneficiary of the tax credit program, the film came under fire from critics such as David Watumull, president and CEO of Hawaii Biotech.Watumull argued that the law had not "contemplated the dollar amounts that are going into movies, which are then taking those dollars away from high-tech and biotech companies," adding, "I'm also not sure that the law contemplated the short-term nature of movie projects." However, Masini's efforts to bring film and television to Hawaii, along with the marketing, promotional, and tourism dollars they offer, continued to pay off years after the productions had left.In October 2002, April Masini brought a malpractice and fraud complaint against Cades Schutte, one of Hawaii's oldest and largest law firms, and Cades Schutte partner Vito Galati, claiming the firm had conspired to limit her profits in the Blue Crush deal.April Masini moved to New York City in 1983 to study business at Hofstra University but soon withdrew from college to pursue a career in television acting and modeling.The Masinis relocated to Hawaii in 1995, and April Masini remained there until 2001.

" Moreover, "If you can open a discussion with ‘why’ questions instead of coming out swinging, you may learn a lot about your partner and yourself, and you may become more intimate because of this deeper understanding and cleared channel of communication." Prior to her career as an advice columnist, April Masini worked—first with her former husband, Al Masini, and then independently—on a number of projects that led to the expansion of the television and film industry in Hawaii.In 1999, April Masini helped the highly rated cable show, Pacific Blue, film a two-part episode in Hawaii by contacting executive producer Bill Nuss, "who was vacationing in Kona, and talking him into bringing the show here at least for a couple of episodes," according to Nuss.Filmed primarily in and around Waikiki, the episodes were Pacific Blue's first-ever filming outside California.The Masinis produced and organized the 1998 Miss Universe Pageant, successfully lobbying the Hawaii legislature for .3 million to fund the event, which brought delegations from 85 countries to Hawaii, each with its own news media.Al Masini was the pageant's producer for Hawaii, while April Masini served as co-chair and event coordinator, In 1999, April Masini persuaded Greg Bonann, executive producer of Baywatch, to move the television show to Hawaii for three years, instead of the proposed move to Australia.

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