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I think if I ever decided to stop being an actor, I'd probably concentrate on my music.

This was the crucial difference in Megan Simpson Huberman's script, after all: unlike most previous body switch love stories, this is a double switch.

He was simply right for the role - or roles, to be exact.

Because in the new Australian romantic comedy, Dating the Enemy, Guy Pearce plays not only Brett, the charming but uncommitted half of a relationship, but also Tash, the smart but hot tempered young woman in his life.

But when that need has been fulfilled I guess I won't do that anymore." 14/1/99: The Making Of is a unique and historic series of articles on a selection of Australian films - such as this one - that were made BI (Before Internet), or at least before Urban Cinefile was launched.

All the films covered in this series can be found in the FEATURES ARCHIVES menu page, listed alphabetically under MAKING OF We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Australian Film Commission in helping to publish this series.

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