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“For example, you’re set up with two women, and you’re going on first dates with both of them.You’re in communication with both, and by mistake, you text Susan and call her Karen. ” At the root of many of these tech-related issues is a lack of protocol informing proper behavior.Moreover, there have been plenty of cases of mistaken identity associated with texting.“People sometimes text the wrong person, which can lead to pushing away a potential match,” relates Weiner.

Some people go so far as to change their relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single” without informing the person they had been dating.He was courteous and polite, and they bonded in a meaningful way over sushi.She had a great time and realized that her dramatic reaction was excessive and that Jacob’s initial text did not accurately reflect the kind of person he was.The benefits are obvious; the difficulties less blatant, more complex. “I think many singles are using email and texting as a way to protect themselves from getting too close in a relationship or dealing with issues that they prefer to avoid in a face-to-face environment.” Case in point? “I’ve heard stories about guys who have broken up with girls after being in a relationship through a text or an email – there is no excuse for doing something like that,” says Feldstein.Navigating the intricacies of chatting, texting, and emailing within the already-complicated world of dating can sometimes require Herculean efforts. As much as a text can help someone express a hard-to-say compliment, its potential to do significant damage to a relationship or allow for such rude behavior makes it a double-edged sword.

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