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I appreciate in men the ability to surprise his woman.I know that first we see something pleasant in a person and then opening him we find his good features and then we feel that we just can't live without speaking to him. I was also sure that pilots earn a lot and I would be very rich. Since that time I have become a little bit down-to-earth, but I still have kind heart and it is easy to hurt me.I wish to find such a man here and I hope that we may try to begin this journey towards each other. I am a lawyer by profession and I worked as a lawyer for a while.I would like to meet the man who will inspire me and who is really willing to have a partner. I am here to find my match for happy life together.I am active, tolerant, passionate, caring, flexible and positive. I believe that one of the most important things for creating a strong relationship is trust and a common way to common goals. Let's start our communication to see if we can make a good match. I'm very tender and romantic girl, dreaming to meet the love of my life.

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