Dating sites for college professors

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While the income and education levels were demonstrably better at one site, interaction styles, expectations and “personality types” were basically the same.Online profiles for men in the 50-plus category often sound good – “trustworthy, successful and thoughtful man looking for a self-confident, independent woman to share a sincere, equal relationship.” I think they think they mean it too.My expectations were low – a friend, an enjoyable date, okay maybe a Prince – but I understood you have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a Prince.

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” or “call me an tell me what kine of sex your into.” Ribbit-type 2 – Broken Toys. But the reality is, if he seems too good to be true – handsome doctor with a compelling bad-boy smile, claiming his biggest flaws are being too empathetic and communicative – he probably is.Initially, I spent considerable time developing an objective, thoughtful, and honest profile.Friends proofread it to assure my outgoing personality and love of family and friends came through, that it reflected both femininity and independence, and showing that I actually like caring for people – within reason.My conclusion: Chances of finding a Prince among the frogs for a professionally successful, independent woman seeking a balanced relationship seem about the same as winning the mega-lottery. These are nebbish men who, if they went to college, were geeks, and blended into the background.Television comedies are built around their ineptness with women.

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