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Once she realizes (by means that the game doesn’t mention, and I won’t either) that he’s a guy, she freaks, and as Keitaro runs away clad in his towel, he bumps into other girls throughout the inn.

By the time everyone gets mad at him (all girls), he is told that the Hinata building is no longer an inn…it is a GIRL’S DORMATORY!

Left with nothing to do, he goes outside to the outdoor hot spring to take a bath (Hinata Inn is built upon the Hinata Hot Springs, which means there’s a nice outdoor spring to bath in – the selling feature of the Hinata Inn).

While enjoying himself, a naked girl walks out and doesn’t realize there’s a guy in the water (without her glasses, she assumes Keitaro is another girl).

Still, you can manage to find the ROM file for this game, you can download a patch that makes it English, which is what I had to do.

(You also may notice that the game is a little toned down sexually than the comic or the cartoon, so no nudity or anything like that.) Sound: 10 Although there aren’t many sounds in the game, the ones that are there are awesome!

Today, Keitaro still wants to keep that promise, so he still tries to get into Tokyo U.

Unfortunately, having been kicked out of his house, he has to find a place to stay.

Eventually Keitaro is able to stay, thanks to his aunt, as the resident karinin (translates something like “land-lord”).

With all these girls around, it’s going to be hard for Keitaro to study, and while he’s still worried about the Promised Girl, it’s possible he may be falling in love with the girl who is helping him with his studies (who happens to want to get into Tokyo U as well). Throughout the game, you’ll be given parts where you have a small amount of time to make a choice in the dialogue, which will affect the game’s outcome.

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