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It also withdrew from postseason consideration for the 2002–03 season, vacated all or part of five past seasons and removed the players' names and achievements from its record book.

A few months later, the NCAA accepted these punishments, doubled both the probation period and the post-season ineligibility, penalized the school one scholarship for four seasons, and ordered Michigan to disassociate from the three living guilty players until 2012 (Webber's ban extended through 2013, and a fourth player included in this sanction, Traylor, has since died).

Several Michigan basketball players were implicated over the next few years and by 1999 some were called before a federal grand jury.

Four eventual professional basketball players—Chris Webber, Maurice Taylor, Robert Traylor and Louis Bullock—were discovered to have borrowed a total of 6,000 from Martin.

The violations principally involved payments booster Martin made to several players to launder money from an illegal gambling operation.

It is one of the largest incidents involving payments to college athletes in American collegiate history.

Martin then began attending Michigan games with the prospect's father when the student enrolled.

An initial investigation by the school was joined by the NCAA, Big Ten Conference, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).

The case began when the investigation of an automobile accident during Mateen Cleaves's 1996 recruiting trip revealed a curious relationship between Martin and the Wolverine basketball program dating back to the 1980s.

The NCAA uses a statute of limitations of four years.

Thus, at any time the NCAA can open or re-open an investigation for an infraction occurring within the last four years.

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