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Since the day I met him (I'll refer to him as H) he knew he wanted to go into investment banking. We talk during his commute to work, while he grabs lunch at the office, and once every evening. We are the annoying couple that never gets bored of each other and prior to his i Banking job, we were almost always together.

I knew very well what the career required, so I guess this is a typical "you know what you're getting yourself into" case. And if he finishes before 11pm, he's usually begging to see me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the clingy type and I value space in relationships, but 14 hour work days and going to the office on weekends doesn't exactly make for smooth sailing.

The VP will give him some comments/feedback and H will sit and work on them 3.

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He loves me more than my mind can actually comprehend, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives together, but it is complicated.

In response to this, support groups have formed where significant others of investment bankers come together to share their trials.

Whether you are dating an investment banker or are curious about what dating one might entail, be advised that though your date may be smart, dapper and well-heeled, and possibly a challenge, in the end, courtesy, common sense and modesty can go a long way in making dating "work.

He motivated me, knew how to have fun, let loose and not give a fuck about what anyone thought about him. And his friendship taught me that a guy should be there for you.

He was optimistic and just generally excited about life.

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