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Get money and investment savings tips in the AARP Money Newsletter 1. Rebalancing worked and likely will continue to work in the long run.Understand that stocks are risky and invest accordingly. Despite the benefits of buying stocks when they are on sale, few investors had the intestinal fortitude to do it when stocks plunged in 2002 and especially in 2008. stocks in the first half of the 17-year period and badly underperformed in the second half. Regardless of whether international stocks outperform U. stocks this year (they do have a slight lead so far) or just the opposite, I still want to own the entire world.That has the impact of keeping all but the rarest of films from performing way above the pack.

Four “Star Wars” titles lead the way, with the entire group released in the period making the top 25.

Five of the all-time ten biggest films, “Gone With the Wind,” “The Sound of Music, “The Exorcist,” “Titanic” and “Dr. The studios are making considerable money (though at huge expense — in costs, this century leads all periods), with the one-size-fits-all international model working for now.

But it is hard to look at the list of biggest films and not wonder what happens when interest wanes in those genres as it inevitably will.

Steven Spielberg, who has more — six — on the list than any other director, has none this century.

New Line Cinema “Shrek 2″‘s female co-director Vicky Jenson is the sole representative of her gender, with no other examples (Patty Jenkins joins the Top 50 for the century with “Wonder Woman”).

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