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So are you the kind of nice guy that girls would avoid dating? [Read: A girl’s view – Are insecure men ever worth dating? The nice guys are never very fun because they don’t like crossing the line into the naughty side no matter what.

This quality makes them great friends who can provide good and stable advice about life but bad boyfriends who are too predictable and boring. A great girl always wants to date a guy who can be in control of his life and gain the respect of his friends.

[Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women] But if you want to attract girls now, impress them and have a great time with them, learn to man up and face the world like a real man.

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She has a lot of great options, and almost always, she picks any guy but the bad boy or the nice guy.But can you really wait until you’re in your 40’s before you can start impressing women?If you’re fine with that thought, go right ahead and lead your life the way you always have been.Every time a girl meets a nice guy, he usually ends up falling straight into her friend zone.It’s not her fault really, because he behaves like such a good friend that she has no choice but to look at him as a friend.

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