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If you're getting a little fuzzy-headed and want to chill out, the first thing you should do is order some food.

Then, maybe switch to something with a lower alcohol content.

Part of a bartender’s job, in my opinion, is to act like a third party when appropriate.

You can also always include the bartender in the conversation to kind of break the ice.

If they need a little ice-breaking, bartenders at Distilled are infamous for dropping tastes of the mead we carry in-house or a small taste of Champagne to celebrate whatever we feel needs celebrating." — Micaela Piccolo, Distilled“What I see often is when one partner has a gin and tonic that’s halfway full, and orders another drink without asking their date if they would like something else as well.

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There's plenty of time to get adventurous on date number two." — Carlos Cruz, Sushi Samba“Drink whatever makes you happy.

Suggestions between each other are a good way to start talking, but it is a bad start to insist your date should try something different.

Unique cocktails are a great place to start, because it gives you something to discuss.

If your date is paleo, don’t take him or her to a beer bar.” — Joaquin Simo, Pouring Ribbons“[One time], a girl was waiting at the bar, [looking] very nervous.

I asked if she was okay, and she told me she was waiting for a date she met online.

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