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An online search of the agency turned up multiple negative reviews and the fact that the business shut down, but more digging reveals that the same matchmakers opened a new agency with a different name. Carsner suggests asking a newer matchmaker for references from previous business relationships.

Again, because of the largely unregulated nature of matchmaking it can be tough to tell a reputable matchmaker from one who's less so. Then, ask those references about whether the person delivered on her promises and met or exceeded expectations.4. Speaking of references, beware of the matchmaker who won't provide any. Paul, MN, says a service declined to provide her with references, citing privacy reasons. "I've always had clients who've said they'd be happy to serve as references." Besides asking to speak to a satisfied (former) customer, Carsner suggests requesting a reference who's still using the service to get perspective on the process.5. Barbara interacted with many agents and was never sure who was choosing her matches.

On the surface, that sounds like a solid way to ensure the matchmaker is working for you.

Unfortunately, both Nancy and Barbara went on dates with men who met little or none of their criteria as the matchmakers scrambled to meet their contractual obligations.

"It's critical to look someone in the eye if you're sending them out on dates with your current clients," says White.

All agree that it's an important part of the vetting process and something you should expect from a matchmaker.

Then, all this is shared with the client," says Clampitt.

We are proud to call Fort Collins, Colorado, a wonderfully-vibrant city, our home.Ask potential matchmakers what they would do if not enough men meet your criteria during the time period before agreeing to a service like that.10. Carolyn, a 47-year-old in Denver, signed up with a national service and had the consultation by phone.After several months, she canceled her membership because she wasn't getting personalized matches."We're transparent about who we have at that point," says Clampitt about working with a client after a consultation.To avoid signing up with a service only to sit around and wait for the phone to ring for weeks or months, Clampitt suggests asking to see specific photographs and profiles of available matches before you fork over any dough.9. Both Nancy and Barbara paid for services that promised a minimum number of dates over a certain time period.

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