Dating an adult with add

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Addressing your relationship problems with your partner will put you in a position to create life-changing solutions, and help you take control of the problems at hand.

If ADHD is a problem in your relationship, you have options.

Irregular behavior is one of the most difficult aspects of ADHD to deal with, because it can feel ADHD brains are wacky.

I’ve written an entire article about what ADHD is and why the condition makes people think differently.

For example, someone with the predominantly inattentive subtype of ADHD might find it difficult to pay attention to their spouse, because they’re naturally drawn to pursue their own interests (think hobbies, passion projects, or spending time with friends instead).While rebelliousness sounds like a cool feature, it can actually be a positive or a negative trait, depending on how it’s used in your relationship!For example, you might find that you or your ADHD spouse likes to do whatever they want People with ADHD behave irregularly. Everything from fidgeting, to experiencing racing thoughts, to getting up and running around for no apparent reason is all possible with ADHD.When you add in addictive technology to the mix (like smartphones), and the stimulus-seeking behavior that people with ADHD are notorious for, many people with ADHD find it heartbreaking aspects of ADHD.On one hand, impulsive behavior can lead to spontaneous weekend getaways, midnight adventures, and general funniness that can spice up any couple’s relationship.

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