Dating a wittnauer watch

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Fitting of the era the advertisements were not shy in extolling the virtues of the All-Proof claiming it had been "dropped 3400 feet from an aeroplane - exposed to rain for 30 hours and still running perfectly" and later there were claims that All-Proofs had been thrown from the Empire State Building, taken to steaming Amazon jungles and brought to the highest elevation of the Himalayas, Alps and Andes.You can just hear the radio announcer reading that aloud, can't you?Not all of the All-Proof's claims were complete hyperbole, as it was worn by Jimmie Mattern, a American pilot who had twice attempted to circumnavigate the world, who praised his Wittnauer for surviving his crash landing.This very same watch was also worn by Neil Armstrong during the Gemini 8 mission as he wanted to honour Mattern's pioneering spirit.

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In 1926, Wittnauer manufactured the "All-Proof", which was heralded as the world's first shock and waterproof antimagnetic wristwatch.

The brand was established in 1885 in New York, NY by Swiss watchmaker Albert Wittnauer and F.

Eugene Robert, an importer of Swiss watches who joined together to produce American made watches with Swiss movements at affordable prices.

After the death of her brother Emile Wittnauer, who took over the company reigns in 1908 after Albert’s death, Martha Wittnauer became the very first female Watch brand CEO in 1916.

Wittnauer time instruments were used in the plane cockpit for pilot Amelia Earhart’s during her first solo flight across the Atlantic in 1932.

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