Dating a newly divorced man

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Because I plan to be serially monogamous indefinitely, I need to figure this out now.How do I try out a new relationship while gently easing out of my old one, without crossing cheating boundaries and maligning my good name?Instead you found that by nature you’re less interested in variety than in harmony.You found someone you really like, and even though apparently you have never made declarations about the future or fidelity, you feel you would be cheating if you started exploring how compatible you are with this new woman who’s caught your eye.Dear Prudence, Before I had my first child, I worked at an alternative school.I cared deeply for many of my students, and after I left I kept track of how some of them were doing.Despite this, I know he was truly a special person who chose a bad path.

Surely there are some art professionals at your current university, so ask them to critique your portfolio.

Dear Prudence, After a decade in a tough marriage, I’m a recently divorced man.

When we separated my ex and I agreed we would see other people, and I dated several women casually.

Now I am expecting twins, and I am torn about whether or not it would be strange to give one of them the same name as one of my favorite students.

I have always liked this name, even before I knew this student.

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