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In this talk, Daniel Lerner defines two types of passion: harmonious, and obsessive.

Drawing on a diverse cast of iconic cultural figures—from Richard Branson to Ellen De Generes, Nelson Mandela to Kanye West—Lerner illuminates the difference between healthy and dangerous passions, how and why to ignite, explore, and stoke your healthy ones, and even how to find passion in work that you may have given up as passionless long ago.

I am not surprised his class at NYU, ‘The Science of Happiness’ is one of the most popular on campus!

And if you’ve fallen into patterns of blind obsession, Lerner helps you transition out.He has a rich background on so many topics, but what I love about Dan is how he delivers his sessions.They are full of real life scenarios, current research and funny stories.When you’re harmoniously passionate, you not only love what you do, but you are more focused, energetic, and productive, and live a far more fulfilling life.Conversely, obsessive passions are marked by a compulsive, dogged pursuit of achievement, leading to guilt, shame, pessimism, unhappiness, and, far too often, early burnout.

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