Dampd intimidating presence

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Te Puni says she wants to raise awareness about the disease, to let others know it's not normal for kids to be coughing all the time, or to have a snotty nose.

The family are determined to give Kierra as normal a life as possible.

"Basically, they're doing the right thing but they're doing it too cheaply.

There's not enough kids, not enough criteria, not enough help," Pierse said.

Nurses were funded to assess houses, but then the money dried up, with families relying on charity or their landlord to provide the required provisions such as curtains, bedding, or insulation.

Data shows of the 5500 families referred so far, 4020 were assessed.

Otago University's Dr Nevil Pierse, deputy director of the housing research unit He Kainga Ora, said criteria for Healthy Housing Initiative - initially aimed only at families at risk of rheumatic fever - were too strict and many families were missing out.

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It's linked to cold housing, and other unhealthy conditions like dampness, or inside smoking. When Kierra was diagnosed, a young girl in Whangarei who the family knew had just died from it. Even though she loves shorts." They also replaced a gas heater with a heat pump, to warm their high-ceilinged older home.

He said sometimes it was difficult to contact the families as well as landlords.

Landlords were able to decline interventions, he said.

While an average 60 per cent of those who needed them received curtains or floor coverings, only 34 per cent of recommended insulation was installed.

Just 25 per cent of families nominated for new houses were able to move due to the housing crisis.

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