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In my five years of covering Yemen, international headlines have morphed from optimism to despair.

In the early weeks of the Arab Spring, everyone was hailing “Yemen: the peaceful revolution”.

Twenty of Yemen’s 22 governorates are precariously poised on the verge of devastating famine.

And yet, while the Syrian tragedy occupies front pages and news bulletins worldwide, the humanitarian catastrophe engulfing Yemen for the past year continues to meet with indifference.

But this is precisely where the situation in Yemen is heading too.

The same short-sighted mistakes that have brought Syria to the brink of collapse are now being repeated in Yemen.

But Grindr, the dating app for gay and bi men, has a solution: Gaymoji!Today, the country has become a lawless wasteland where militarised extremism is flourishing at an alarming rate, and it won’t be long before this turns into an international headache rather than a local one.After a decade during which Yemen was a main battleground of the US’s War on Terror, regularly held up as a success story in the media, the dark irony of the country’s descent into chaos, and out of the headlines, has not been lost on local observers.Anyone seeking a visa will soon discover none of these countries have functioning embassies in Yemen today.Thousands of Yemenis have managed to flee to Djibouti by boat.

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