Cheat codes for love hina dating sim

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He also works part-time as a bookseller at the Northeastern University bookstore.

He is a Northeastern University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

You can check your points with any girl by clicking the "Menu" button.

Input on the codes has been moved to the code title pages.If you give her something she really wants, you get a huge boost.Mint likes the chicken Cosplay item, Ranpha really likes the rings, Forte prefers guns, Milfeulle likes to cook with frying pans, and Vanilla likes vodka. One is in the lamp in your room, another in the center windmill of the holodeck; the red ball in Vanilla's room and the right eye of Milfeulle's room both have secrets, as does the mug in the kitchen.To start with 20 of each item, "igotabagofhair" is the code.To play with characters from the "Love Hina Dating Sim" game by the same people, type in "hinagirlsreturn." They also made an "Evangelion Dating Sim," and you can unlock their world with "enableeva4" to travel to Eva 4.

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