Chating with sexy mom

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As it always did, the image of her in the steamy shower, slowly soaping up her magnificent body caused my already hard cock to ache with desire.I thought of her teasing her nipples with her soapy fingers before sliding them between her lush thighs and rubbing her clit.The soap running down her stomach and thighs would look just like a nice hot load of cum, her son's cum.My mind raced with the fantasy of me walking into the bathroom, stripping and getting in the shower behind her.My obsession with my mother had gotten to the point she was the only woman I wanted.

My hand moved along my cock as my mind shifted to Debra, my online mom and a woman I hoped at some point might be able to meet seeing she was supposedly local.He did that for many here and whereas we will all miss his stories, I will miss the man even more. Lovecraft68 * I woke up with a hard on and the fleeting glimpse of the dream that had awoken me; a dream of fucking my mother.Most guys would be appalled if they'd dreamed of their mother sucking their cock like a porn star and begging their son to fuck them, but for me? I'd been obsessed with my mother for well over a year and how it started I wasn't really sure, but what I knew is in my mind she went from being the most beautiful woman I'd known to becoming the sexiest, most sensual woman I could imagine.I pushed her from my mind; it was too early to start my day frustrated.My feelings were getting to the point it was past teasing and close to torment.

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