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When this doesn’t quite happen, Johnny's disappointment turns tragic: he gets in a car with his teammates and the cops arrive at the front door late that night, bearing the worst news possible. Bryan loses interest in the soccer team, his wife Lindsay (Elisabeth Shue) resents that he's not attending to their other children, and Gracie ponders how to turn it all around.Her solution -- that she'll go out for Johnny's spot on the varsity team and bring home the trophy everyone seems to want so badly -- is met with predictable derision.It's only recently post-Title IX 1978 in South Orange NJ, and Gracie's ambition embarrasses her dad and worries her mom.

He spends all his time and energy on Johnny, however, imagining that he'll take the high school team to a championship."Dad," she wonders, so plaintively, "Did you ever wish I were a boy?" During his early refusal-to-address-her-desire stage, Gracie finds other, Lifetimey ways to provoke him, dating one of the soccer players, drinking and smoking cigarettes and even coming close to having sex in a car.Cynthia Fuchs is director of Film & Media Studies and Associate Professor of English, Film & Video Studies, African and African American Studies, Sport & American Culture, and Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University.She has published numerous articles on pop culture and politics, most recently, "'A few brief moments': Truth and Image in Sports Documentaries," in Gender and Genre: Critical Essays on Sports Documentaries.

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