Build dating website php

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All you need to do to start tracking your site members’ activities is insert your GA account ID in site administration panel.

Go to Settings - Google Analytics, and fill in the field: More information on Google Analytics here:

Savvy search engine optimization is essential for every site to work smoothly and to be a success.

PG Dating Pro uses a mod_rewrite module to let each site administrator edit URLs for the site pages.Additionally, you can display quick links to member’s search results by location on the main page of your website.To do that, get back to SEO settings - (mind the text in URL name ‘locations’). Site analytics code a) Google analytics Open source Dating Pro software offers a built-in solution for placing Google Analytics codes onto your dating website.- Try to create titles and descriptions that never repeat for different pages.Instead, lay emphasis on special features and on the special role of every particular page.

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