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Tucker added: "There was definitely an immediate attraction for Daniel when it came to Libby.And he becomes more interested over the next few months. They knew each other briefly back then, but they weren't in any kind of relationship.At the time, Dan was in a bit of a love triangle with Tess & Steph.

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Even though the character has physically left, his legacy lives on".

The lion that killed an American tourist at a privately-run game park outside Johannesburg will be moved to an isolated enclosure but the venue will remain open to the public, officials said Tuesday.

A 22-year-old American woman was killed on Monday when the lion leapt through her open car window and mauled her to death at the Lion Park, northwest of South Africa’s biggest city.“The lion has been locked away in her night pen and we’ll be keeping the enclosure where it happened locked while we investigate the incident,” Lion Park operations manager Scott Simpson told AFP.“The individual lion will then be moved to a separate facility that is not open to the public just to be prudent.”A second passenger, a local tour guide not affiliated to the park, was taken to hospital recovering from arm wounds after trying to free the victim from the lion’s jaws. The US embassy confirmed an American was killed, but withheld her identity.“Out of respect for the wishes of the family, we are not providing any details,” embassy spokesman Jack Hillmeyer said.

In June 2009, it was announced that Tucker had quit the show and Dan departed on 1 December 2009.

On 13 September 2010, Dan made a one-off appearance.

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