Brass dating methods

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But, if something was placed which just happen to 'fit', then we have a substitution which is incorrect and a detriment to the value and history of the set. All content and all original photography on this Web Site is copyrighted 1995 - 2015 and may not be used on any other web site or in commercial print without the expressed e-mail permission from Dr.

Since the majority of the sets on this site were NOT obtained from a dealer, but rather from only a known sources who would not substitute, I think the majority of the sets have tourniquets which are consistent with the maker and date when the set was made. Arbittier: Please note: information on this site may not be normally referenced as this is an active and long-term educational research project.

They are mechanical instruments for ligating a limb or artery to stop bleeding prior to amputation or surgery.

Most amputation sets will have at least one and sometimes more than one tourniquets, depending the maker.

In my experience, French amputation sets are more likely to have multiple tourniquets, whereas American or English sets usually only have one.

During the hundred years era of this collection (1800 to 1900) tourniquets were made of cast brass, with brass or steel buckles and in the very late part of the century, German silver or plated with nickel.

With the help of dendrochronology it was proved that some objects had been painted for some time after construction, or had been over-painted.

Most furniture, however, was painted immediately after completion.

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Not all tourniquets will have the maker name imprinted on the brass frame.

Since there is a short time of storage and only little wood loss through wood-working, dating of objects without a waney edge becomes reasonable.

Tourniquets are used to stop blood flow in arteries and veins.

The time span includes time of seasoning and storage and the rings lost by wood-working.

This leads, on the one hand to a short storage time of less than 10 years and on the other hand to very little wood loss due to manufacturing.

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