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The best source we know for dating ceramic minis (decanters), especially American ones, is Montagues Modern Bottle Identification and Price Guide.

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The black and white pictures are poor as they were scanned from the small black and white photos in Montagues.This regulation does not apply to alcoholic beverages produced, imported, bottled, or labeled for export from the U. Bruce) FLORIDA: Decal tax stamps were used from 1934 to June 30th 1969.S., or for delivery to a vessel or aircraft as supplies to be consumed outside the jurisdiction of the United States. 1934 decal tax stamps were 1, yellow on white, 3/4" x 1-1/4" with a rounded top.The numbers to the right of the trademark indicates the year the bottle was made.All 100 Proof liquor ("Bottled in Bond") bottled in the USA contains the season and year the liquor was distilled and the season and year the liquor was bottled. Starting sometime in 1945, and continuing to September 1st 1977, the Federal Tax Seal Strips contained the word "SERIES" just to the left, and "111" just to the right of the Eagle's feet.

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