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She fell in love with Jagger at 18, and left her husband with whom she had a baby son.It seemed passion was the thing, and she emphasised her standing as the embodiment of eroticism by starring in the underwhelming film Girl on a Motorcycle, of which the trailer said: “You know the thrill of wrapping your legs around a tornado of pumping pistons”.Imagine how it may have been for Faithfull, caught in an intimate bond with her mother, looking to her for reassurance that growing up is a safe thing to do, yet forever aware of her mother’s raging distress and unable to soothe her.Isn’t it logical that the male act that lies at the root of all this should crystallise into something that must be blotted into oblivion with drink and drugs?

But that is altogether too simplistic – to say nothing of lacking compassion.There has always been something almost pleadingly vulnerable in her face: the expression of someone who finds the world inexplicable.She made me feel that we should care about her, that perhaps she couldn’t care for herself well enough.It doesn’t surprise me to learn that Faithfull carried this weight in her young years.It may be why I felt drawn to her in a way I never did to the other pop star wives and girlfriends – Pattie Boyd, Anita Pallenberg, Angie Bowie, Linda Mc Cartney.

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