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EDIT 2 : A walkthough for this game has now been added to he site.

You can find it here : am happy to say that April and Violet – Part 2 has now been added to the members section.

Saturday Night Spanaway Meeting Spanaway Lutheran Church Enter through double doors facing A St 16001 A St S at 159th St E Info line: 253-660-1028 Local website: local contacts, click here.

Despite the construction going on around us the beacon was gorgeous!!

The final count for the complete game is 1774 images.

It should be on the same page in the members section as Part 1.

There is avi caled Cashden He/she is scamming ppls saying it;s there site. BE sure u live chat here and buy from original site owner..

Buy 1 room each Room has minimum 5 poses in it | if u want Mesh file per file

For the last poll question, most people actually liked the compromise body the most, so that’s largely what I’m going with.Rather than release it in two sections, I’ve simply uploaded the complete game.As a result, you’ll find it just listed as ‘April & Violet’ or ‘April & Violet – full version’.I made a few more alterations to it and now Leanna has a body that I think almost all of you will like, and I will enjoy working with.This poll isn’t binding, but if you were to pick, which game would you like to see next.

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