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" Their working their butts off to try to keep the site up and nice for people.

And Habbo's not the only one that you have to pay REAL money for.

And I think this site is very wonderful and well maintained.

:)Habbo is a horrible website and inappropriate for anyone below the age of 18.

You can ignore them and hear NOTHING that person says. And there isn't random people walking around looking for sexuality based things.

You have to go to certain rooms people make for it.

Habbo Hotel is a dangerous virtual world that will destroy your child's mind and any sense of morals and values.

While this is true of many online chat rooms and other chat sites, Habbo and, in particular, its many retro hotels (Fresh, Boon, Play Rise, etc.) is one of the largest online chatting sites for teenagers that allows them to create a virtual world and select avatars, create rooms, etc.

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There's also an 'ignore' button when you click on a person.While Habbo has a minimal amount of 'filters' that prevents explicit words like 'f*ck', such words can still be spoken through hints and other means.Habbo retros, in particular, have absolutely no filters or moderation.People were banning her from chat rooms because she said "Hi." Now she knows a LOT of swear words and sex words thanks to this game. But when you're actually on it for a day you'll see users trying to do long distance dating and showing severe sexual behaviour.On top of that users have a certain way of making people believe they're friends.

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