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A story response to "this is a CHALLENGE" by Animelover5008 over on Challenge Summary: "Sheldon Cooper and Harry Potter are married. is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by British Indian actor Kunal Nayyar.

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Sheldon doesn't understand important things (like basic human emotions) and Amy does her best to deal with his weirdness.

Leonard points out that, since they love each other, "It doesn't matter if we get married tomorrow or a year from now or 50 years from now." But that's when things get serious.

With a devilish smile Penny tells Leonard that she doesn't have any plans for the evening, and without hesitation Penny and Leonard decide to hop in their car and elope in Vegas.

He despises Indian food, and his lack of knowledge about Indian culture and Hinduism are often rebuked by Sheldon.

He was born into a wealthy family and has five siblings, one of whom is Priya, a former on-off girlfriend of Leonard.

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