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The means of 100 zircon intermediate diameters in the seven samples are : — Sample D, 0.115 mm.; E, 0.112 mm.; F, 0.125 mm.; G, 0.105 mm.; H, 0.114 mm.; I, 0.110 mm.; J, 0.100 mm.

Thus, the zircon in the six Permian granitic samples is either slightly larger (sample F), or almost exactly the same size (samples D, E, G, H and I) as the beach sand zircon.

In three of the rocks apatite is the most abundant non-magnetic heavy mineral.

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These objects explore significant events and movements that have helped create the Tasmania we know today.That it is seldom seen in thin sections apparently is due partly to the very small area of such sections, and partly to the fact that it is prone to break away during the grinding preparations. It is an early product of crystallization and is often surrounded by an air pocket. 91 specific gravities greater than 2.86, are included. These ferromagne$ian silicates are the heavy essential minerals, as opposed to the heavy accessory minerals.

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