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Such was Timgad’s importance that it remained in use from AD 100 to the 8th century.

The Roman site of Djémila, built on the side of a mountain in northern Algeria during the late 1st century AD, is also a well preserved ancient town with a long period of occupation.

Along its streets were baths and houses, a public library, a theatre, and Trajan’s Arch.The town was founded as a trading centre in the 6th century BC, and has one of the largest Punic cemeteries known, though much of the site’s remains date to later times, including the Roman baths and amphitheatre, and two churches from the Byzantine period.The Romans arrived in Algeria in AD 24, and of the sites from this era, Timgad (ancient Thamugadi) is among the best preserved.Today still, travel advisories remain in place from a number of governments, including the UK, who warn of a risk of terrorism and kidnapping.As a result, Algeria’s treasure trove of archaeological sites remain little known outside the country, beyond specialists and travellers willing to take the risk.

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