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Oct 01 1980 Country Side Animal Spa in Mundelein IL, "Hee Haw" in Nashville 24.

Oct 02 1980 A kissing contest in Las Vegas, rancher/amputee Charles Dannheim 25.

Sep 23 1980 Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the Pittsburgh Zoo cat keeper 18.

Sep 24 1980 Chicago's Elizabeth Arden Beauty Salon, a Tennessee commune 19.

Oct 24 1980 The video game "Space Invaders", a wine auction 41.

Nov 04 1980 A Cincinnati low calorie bakery, Frederick's of Hollywood 48.

Oct 13 1980 Osmond family members Virl and Tom who are hearing impaired, cowboys who use helicopters 32.

Oct 14 1980 Schwinn bicycle plant on Chicago's West Side, composer Marvin Hamlisch 33.

Oct 15 1980 A housebuilding race, two Stoneham (MA) zoo gorillas 34.

Oct 16 1980 A male belly dancer in Sunnyvale CA, Louisville Slugger baseball bats 35.

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