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Self-description: If the user name or headline is weird, overtly sexual or otherwise inappropriate — Bangyourdaddy, 69Reasons — you can stop there, says Trish Mc Dermott, a founding team member of

Also avoid people that disclose too much, whether it’s a recent staph infection, bankruptcy or bad breakup.

begin online, according to a 2013 study released by the National Academy of Sciences.

But while online dating may be a great way to find your soul mate, you’ll be confronted with thousands of candidates.

But Dan Neuharth, licensed marriage and family therapist, says “you need to find out just how separated he is.

He may be legitimately finished with his marriage emotionally, but the paperwork isn't final. They may be on a trial separation, seeking variety, or way too fresh from a bad relationship to date seriously.” And if the person is still talking about their ex, that’s a red flag. Another one should be added: When a woman says her children come first, over everything else. However, to me, it means I am going to get stood up a lot; that when I am with someone they aren’t going to give me their undivided attention when we aren’t with her kids; and that a woman isn’t really interested in a relationship and is hiding behind her kids.

Only narcissists who use their kids as a get out of jail free card for why others should put up with their lack of effort, and to promote their image of themselves as all-giving angels do that. Mothers NEED to be alert re: the man who may be a secret pedophile. My advice is that single moms should not date until their children are grown, but I realize not every feels they can do that.What I’m saying is when there is a committed healthy (non abusive) relationship, your mate is important too.Like I said before, kids grow up and live their own lives.Of course it goes without saying that kids come first. Actually, a man trying to impress women with something that should come naturally is a whole ‘nother kinda red flag… If you expect someone to give you all the benefits of a relationship but expect them to tolerate being down on your list of priorities, you have no business dating, full stop.And I have never heard anyone give themselves such pious, sanctimonious airs about motherhood who is anywhere near the precious, loving little saint of a mommy they’re so desperately trying to convince people they are.

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    At e Harmony, we know that dating as a busy professional can be a challenge; that’s why we take time getting to know you and finding out what you’re looking for in a partner.

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