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Many singles from Canada use Thai internet dating sites seeking short-term dates, friendships as well as long-term relationships.

Another trend is the number of Canadian men and women who now regularly visit Thailand on backpacking trips.

In Roi Et province near Khon Khaen in Thailand, there is what is called a 'Swiss Village' where more than 100 Thai women have married foreign men, many of them retired.

Canadian culture is reflected in the impression that most men from Canada who use internet dating sites are not interested in buying in to the old mail order bride syndrome or dating Thai women who are interested in a relationship out of economic necessity.

The emergence of international Thai dating sites has meant that Thai women with education and from respectable backgrounds are enthusiastic about meeting foreign singles online.

These Canadians often use Thai internet dating sites after they have relocated to Thailand.

These Canadians (including Canadian women) use internet dating sites to make Thai friends while in Canada.

The later use the same Thai dating sites during their stay in Thailand.

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